Smell Intensity During Pregnancy



 Do you understand what is cooked before entering the kitchen? Does the smell of fish make your stomach twist? 

Many women's sense of smell becomes more acute after pregnancy.  Smells that may not have been understood or noticed before, also come to the nose.  In medical terms this is called 'hyperosmia'.

Pregnancy causes various changes in the body and causes various symptoms. A stronger sense of smell is also one such symptom.



When does the sense of smell begin to intensify during pregnancy?

In most cases, women notice an increase in the sense of smell during early pregnancy.You may notice a heightened sense of smell as well as sometimes smelling strange smells. And sometimes the nose may smell without any source.

These changes in the sense of smell diminish greatly in the later weeks of pregnancy.And it almost completely disappears after childbirth.

Your sense of smell may also change during pregnancy as your sense of smell becomes more acute. The inside of the mouth may feel sour or bitter. Again, no food tastes good—maybe.

Also, there may be a correlation between increased nausea and increased sense of smell during pregnancy. Pregnancy-induced nausea and the sense of smell in expectant mothers both occur in the early weeks of pregnancy.

What causes the intensity of smell?

The normal smell of various things during pregnancy can also be strong for mothers. Although there is no strong evidence that women's sense of smell literally becomes stronger during pregnancy, many people feel that their sense of smell is stronger than before.

No clear reason has yet been found behind such changes in the sense of smell. However, pregnancy hormones can cause such changes. [10] Hormones can increase the intensity of your sense of smell. And certain smells—which may not have caught your nose before—may be easier to pick up now.

Home Remedies For   Smell Intensity

Even the smell of foods or things that were never a problem before pregnancy can trigger nausea again during pregnancy. So take note of what kind of smell you have problem with. Then try to avoid them as much as possible.

Here are some simple and home remedies to combat the strong sense of smell –

1. Keep perfumes close at hand

Try to keep things around that smell that you like. Studies have shown that the aroma of lemon peel or the smell of ginger helps reduce nausea. 

Some people find that the smell of mint leaves or cinnamon relieves nausea. So you can try with these.

2. Keeping something in hand to divert attention

Distracting yourself from the smell can reduce the discomfort. You can chew gum or suck lozenges to distract yourself. Try to think about something else. You can think of any song or poem of your choice.

Apart from this, you can keep yourself busy with any small work. Maybe a shelf in the closet hasn't been tidied for a long time, or books are scattered on the table. You can try to arrange them little by little.

3. Leave the fan on and open the window

Air circulation where you are can reduce the intensity of the scent. So if you start to feel uncomfortable with the smell of something, leave the fan. Open the windows to let the smell out of the room.

4. Changing soaps, shampoos and perfumes

Many women find that certain soaps, shampoos, perfumes, and even toothpastes smell bad during pregnancy. Avoid things that cause problems. Alternatively, use a product that doesn't bother you with the scent. There are soaps, shampoos and deodorants available in the market that are fragrance free. You can also use them.

5. Caution during cooking

Food is one of the things that pregnant women have more problems with smell. [13]

Note which foods smell bad to you during pregnancy. Avoid cooking and eating them.

But be careful about one thing—don't restrict yourself to a few foods because of picky eating. This can lead to lack of essential nutrients. So try to eat balanced and varied food even if you have smell problem.

Apart from this, you can use fan (electric fan) by keeping the window open while cooking, so that the smell of the food is quickly removed from the room through air circulation. These tips are effective in solving smell sensitivities as well as preventing nausea during pregnancy.

6. Avoid hot food

Hot food is usually more fragrant. So instead of eating hot food, you can cool it for a while and eat it when it comes to normal temperature. It may smell less.

7. Taking help from close people

People around you may not even notice the smell that bothers you. Talk to them about it. Then they can help you if needed.

For example, if the smell of dirt bothers you, they can take over the garbage disposal. Or if they use a fragrance that bothers you, they might change it if you let them know. You can ask family members to empty the container where household waste is stored.

8. Keeping clothes clean

If the clothes are dirty, the smell from them can cause discomfort. If so, wear clean clothes. You can take someone's help to wash clothes regularly.

9. Mask use

If you need to go to a smelly place, you can use a mask. It may smell a little less.


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