Post-partum exercise

 Introduction:  Post-partum exercise it also keeps the mother's mental health good. Many will know the benefits of Kegel exercises for normal delivery . But many mothers neglect the exercises that are necessary after childbirth! While taking care of the child, they almost forget their own body. However, how can you expect a healthy child without a healthy mother?

When to Start Post partum Exercise?
Light exercises (abdominal breathing, kegel exercises, etc.) can be done anytime after delivery in case of normal delivery and within two to three days after surgery in case of caesarean section . In this case heavy exercise can be started after six weeks to three months.

Benefits of Postpartum Exercise

(1) Pre-pregnancy body-shape is achieved quickly.

(2) Abdominal muscles will be strengthened.

(3) Helps to reduce excess weight during pregnancy.

(4) Strengthens the perineal muscle , which prevents urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse.

(5) Due to physical and mental well -being (Physical and Mental Wellbeing) can be cured very quickly.

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