Oral Thrush In Children

Introduction: Many people want to know what is oral thrush in children! Oral thrush is a common disease in children, especially in newborns. . If this disease occurs, a white coating accumulates inside the child 's mouth, on the tongue, and around the lips . It looks as if milky juice has accumulated on the tongue. That's why our mothers and aunts call this disease milk sore. And the disease is very rare in babies from newborn to six months old. Although this disease is not so deadly for children. Still it becomes quite annoying and uncomfortable for small children. So treatment of this disease should be started as soon as possible.

Causes of oral thrush in children

Thrush or milk sores are mainly caused by a fungus called Candida . This fungus lives in the mouth of children. If the immune system of the child's body is good and if there is good bacteria in the mouth , such fungus cannot usually attack.

But if the child's immune system is weakened for some reason, then this fungus attacks. Also, this disease can occur even if the child is given antibiotics due to any illness. Because there are certain antibiotics that reduce the number of healthy bacteria in children's bodies. As a result, the child's immune system is adversely affected. Not only that. Breastfeeding mothers also take some antibiotics that can pass into the baby 's body through breast milk and weaken the baby's immune system.

Symptoms of oral thrush in children

Symptoms of oral thrush in children vary. Symptoms depend more or less on the severity of the fungal attack. But the most common symptoms are-

(1) Children have a white coating on their tongue, lips, cheeks and throat . These coatings look like a bit of thick milk on the tongue. The inside of the cheeks and lips become red. Rubbing with hands does not remove them. Instead, the area becomes red. And the children cry in discomfort.

(2) This white coating may cause slight bleeding if rubbed with hands.

(3) Reddish spots around the white lining that can be seen. If the parents delay in getting the necessary treatment then these sores can slowly increase in pain.

(4) The corners of the lips may crack. As a result, small and stupid children can't smile properly. And crying while opening his mouth.

(5) Infants reduce mother's breast milk intake. Sometimes, when the disease progresses, it completely stops milking.

Treatment of oral thrush in children

If children have oral thrush, first of all, everything should be cleaned very carefully. From his toys to various objects around him that the child may put in his mouth, should be cleaned very well. Also, the mother's milk nipples should always be kept clean. Also, if oral thrush occurs, it is better to go to the doctor immediately. The doctor will usually prescribe an anti-fungal cream . Oral thrush usually clears up within a week with regular use of this cream.