Menstruation-Things you Should Know

Introduction: Period / Menstruation / Means / Menstruation / Menstrual cycle is determined by the Almighty , a natural rule of female character. This normal subject is kept taboo in the society, resulting in various misconceptions. One of the reasons for this is 'ignorance'. Due to this ignorance a woman has to go through many embarrassing and uncomfortable situations. It is a sad fact that most of the girls do not know the details.

What is menstruation ?
Every lunar month, the changes in the uterus of girls due to the influence of hormones and blood and uterine secretions come out in the vagina is called the menstrual cycle .

A woman's period prepares her for conception each month . In simpler terms, all we know is having a baby. So why is it necessary to have a period to have a baby? Because, every month, women's uterus tightens its outer layer to shelter the baby after pregnancy . But later, when the embryo is not fertilized, it sheds its hard coat and starts preparing for the next month. Due to which the internal organ of the girls is torn and it comes out with the blood. This entire process takes an average of 28 days .

Menstruation or menstrual phase
It has three parts-
1) Menstrual phase – lasts for 4 days (4-7 days)

2) Proliferative phase- Lasts for 10 days (8-10 days).

3) Secretory Phase- lasts for 14 days (10-14 days)

1. Menstrual phase
At this time, vaginal blood comes out. This bleeding, which lasts 4-7 days, consists of broken blood cells, white blood cells, cervical mucus, uterine secretions, bacteria, plasmin, prostaglandins and unfertilized eggs. This phase is triggered by the combined action of estrogen and progesterone hormones.

2. Proliferative phase
May last 8-10 days . It is only under the influence of estrogen hormone. During this time the uterus prepares to receive the fertilized egg.

3. Secretary phase
The longest, about 10-14 days . It is also called progesterone or luteal phase. It is also caused by the combination of both estrogen and progesterone hormones. During this time, the uterus is in maximum readiness for the growth of the fertilized egg If no egg in the ovary is fertilized by sperm, the uterus goes back into the menstrual phase. This is how the menstrual cycle of adult girls continues.

Amount of period bleeding
Less than a cup of blood is shed per period. There is usually more bleeding in the first two days. According to the New York University School of Medicine, the body sheds a few spoonfuls to a cupful of blood every month. If the pad gets completely wet less than 2 hours after use , it is not normal. Cervical cancer , tumors , ovarian cysts , etc. can cause excessive bleeding during periods. Therefore, in case of excessive bleeding, one should not be shy and consult a doctor.

Rules for using sanitary pads or napkins
There are various brands of sanitary napkins or pads available in the market now. Whatever the type, it should never be worn for long periods of time. The first two-three days of the period are a little heavy bleeding , so the pad should be checked every two hours. If the pad is not dry i.e. there is bleeding on the top, it should be changed immediately and a pad should never be worn for more than four hours.

But from the fourth or fifth day , the amount of bleeding decreases a little. Meanwhile, there are many people who use a sanitary napkin for a long time thinking that there is less bleeding. By doing this, the blood dries up quickly and there is an attack of bacteria, which come in contact with the vagina and cause itching, boils, various diseases of the genitals and fungal infections, etc. Influenced by alluring advertisements, girls wear sanitary napkins for more than 24 hours. But to keep such pads dry for a long time, a material called 'cellulose gel' is used which is responsible for cervical cancer. So be aware of this at your own risk.

Period cleaning
Cleanliness during period is very important. Clean yourself thoroughly every time you change sanitary napkins. Clean yourself thoroughly with lukewarm water and disinfectant soap or body wash while at home, even if not possible at school, college or office . Also change the panties you are wearing while changing sanitary napkins. It is important. Otherwise, there is no point in cleaning up so hard. When washing used panties, it is better to wash them with Savlon or disinfectant liquid.

Some social misconceptions
Periods have been hidden and shameful for girls since ancient times due to physical discomfort as well as various superstitions. During menses, one cannot step out of the house, one cannot put water on the body, one cannot wash one's hair, one cannot sleep in a bed… and what more!! But this is all a misconception. At this time, the outside light should be in contact with the air rather than in the corner of the room. Regular bathing and clean clothes should be done. Also, there are some misconceptions that girls cannot enter the kitchen during the period, they cannot touch the ritual, which is completely baseless.

Some tips on periods
stay happy Keep yourself busy with favorite activities, stay stress free.
Do some light free hand exercise instead of lying still during your period. It is very beneficial to regulate blood flow and reduce pain.
It is very normal to have mild pain in the lower abdomen at this time . Painkillers should not be taken in the beginning to get rid of this pain. Applying warm water in a hot water bag to the lower abdomen reduces the pain a lot.

  • Avoid heavy work or exercise.
  • Consuming plenty of water,
  • fruit juice and sherbet helps keep the body fresh.
  • To fill the deficiency of iron in the body, at this time, additional green vegetables, fish, meat, liver etc. should be kept in the diet.
  • A variety of fruits such as: banana, guava, mango, lemon, olive, papaya, pineapple etc. provide a lot of vitamin C, which increases the absorption and efficiency of iron.