Late Talking Baby - Solution

 Leit Talking Children

Young children have certain developmental milestones. For example, at a certain age children learn to sit up, learn to sit, start crawling, at a certain age they start talking. If children do not start talking at that age or later, parents must be aware of this. Let's talk about the baby's late talking in detail today!

Who are Leit Talking Children?

According to the Speech Language Hearing Association, USA, 15 to 25 percent of newly talking children have problems using communicative language. Generally, girls learn to speak faster than boys. But if a child speaks less than 10 words a day after 18 to 20 months or uses less than 50 words a day after 21 to 30 months, then they are called 'Late Talking Children'.

What causes the baby to start talking late?

1. Children may start talking late due to genetic reasons.

2. Birth defects of the brain.

3. Complications during childbirth .

4. Postpartum short-term illness like high fever, convulsions, bacterial infection, intracerebral infection etc.

5. Many children cannot pronounce properly due to tongue defects.

6. If the child has mental retardation, the child learns to speak late.

7. Arguing in front of children or talking too loudly can cause nervousness to interrupt them.

Baby's first bully
Baby talk begins with the utterance of a few isolated syllables. At first the child usually pronounces the letters ta, ka, ma, which do not have much meaning. At the age of six to eight months, these letters gradually form into words, which sometimes make sense, sometimes not. For example – uncle, uncle, grandfather etc. It usually starts in babies between 12 and 18 months.

what should do

1. When the baby starts trying to talk, everyone in the family needs to spend more time with the baby. In keeping with the child's half-hearted bullying, the parents and any other family members, if any, also need to talk to him a lot. As clear and pure pronunciation as possible.

2. If the child cannot pronounce a word correctly, he pronounces it on his own. The people of the house are often happy with this and everyone is seen mispronouncing the words in sync with the adorable child. But the damage is done by the child. If he says something wrong, the adults must correct it as the child listens and corrects it.

3. A child should not be bullied for not being able to speak or for speaking incorrectly. This instills fear in the child and may later make him reluctant to speak. His confidence is destroyed. There is no alternative to talking to a baby more than ever before to learn to talk. The child should listen to different types of rhymes or lullabies repeatedly. Someday he might try to say them in his own way.

4. He should know the different parts of the body. Names of pictures in different coloring books should be pronounced clearly. Then the child will learn to speak quickly by listening. Because children learn to speak by listening.

5. Children learn a lot by playing. Choosing the right toys is also an important step in teaching talking. The educational utility of battery powered toys is comparatively less. Colorful lego sets, kitchen sets, coloring books are good toys. Repeatedly tell the child what color the toys are. While the mother is cooking, sitting the baby close but at a safe distance, naming different vegetables, naming spices, recognizing colors, is also a good way to teach speech.

6. However, it is better to try everything and take the help of speech therapy as per the doctor's advice if the child does not speak even after two years.

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy is a special type of treatment that treats patients who are unable to speak or cannot speak normally. Speech therapy helps those who cannot speak normally due to various reasons such as tongue-tied, stuttering, speech delay in children, speech problems due to hearing loss etc.

Stay well, stay healthy, stay aware.

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