How to prevent hair loss during pregnancy

How to prevent hair loss during pregnancy 

Introduction: Normal people lose about 100 hairs daily Commoly Known. But during pregnancy, eating more healthy, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and hormonal reasons cause less hair loss! Fairly supermodel type silky shiny hair expectant moms!

After the birth of the baby, a huge hormonal change is made in the body again... The journey of returning the body to normal state and taking care of the baby, the loss of sleep and peace of the day and night, it doesn't take more than a few months for the two to become empty! This period is called Telogen Effluvium.

How to take care of yourself to prevent hair loss during pregnancy?

First some lifestyle tips-

  • (1) Blow dry, flat iron or such heat styling is absolutely prohibited for new mom
  • (2) Don't keep your hair in tight buns day after day as it irritates your hair due to taking care of the baby all day. Keep in mind that your roots will become weak during this time. A tight bun will make these weak hair roots stick out more… You can braid the hair very loosely. But 'no ponytail' and 'no tight bun' !
  • (3) The baby needs to eat more because it has to be breastfed… so don't think that the responsibility is over just by eating 2-3 plates of rice a day ! Don't eat empty calories with just rice-bread-sugar and eat a balanced meal, so that you will get a lot of protein, minerals and useful vitamins. Vegetables, nuts, seasonal fruits must be in the diet!! Its anti-oxidant will extend the life of your hair roots.
  • (4) It is very important to eat iron rich foods – liver, milk, eggs, green vegetables, spinach should be eaten more.

Suggestion of a Mother To stop hair loss during my pregnancy?

We asked her how you have maintained your hair during these pregnancy days.In reply She Said-
  • I combed my hair once in the morning and once at night.
  • 3 times a week (except one day) I used to massage the scalp very well with pure coconut oil . So that the careless dandruff loosens and the oil reaches the root of each hair root... I just massaged the hair for 15 minutes and combed the hair upside down, that is, I brought the hair forward and combed from the neck to the forehead... This increases the blood circulation of the oil massage. Then I would shampoo.

  • Well, that's it… eating right, massaging your hair with the right oil and shampooing. I didn't get a single day of hair mask or extra massage time before my baby was 8 months old ! But still slowly my hairfall has reduced a lot!

Please don't be disappointed. Besides taking care of the child, it is important to take care of yourself. Don't forget it. Hair loss during pregnancy is not something to be underestimated! And let's also say that if you want to take care, you don't need to sit in front of the mirror all day. Why not give yourself just a few hours a week?

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