Foods that Should Not Eat in Empty Stomach

Foods that Should Not Eat in Empty Stomach 

Introduction:Every meal has certain timings and rules. It is not necessary to eat any kind of food when you are hungry. There are certain foods that are eaten on an empty stomach that harm the body in various ways. Here we will know about some such foods.

Tea and coffee

Many of us have a bad habit of having a cup of tea or coffee on waking up in the morning. But do you know that drinking tea or coffee on an empty stomach is harmful to our body? Yes, coffee contains caffeine which increases stomach acid levels when consumed on an empty stomach. Moreover it also damages our hormonal process. And tea contains high levels of acid which causes gastric and ulcer diseases in the body when consumed on an empty stomach.

Tomatoes and cucumbers

Many of us love to eat tomatoes and cucumbers as a salad. Eating tomatoes and cucumbers on an empty stomach does a lot of harm to our body. Because tomatoes and cucumbers contain a lot of acid which causes acidity when eaten on an empty stomach.

Citrus fruit
Eating different types of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, jams, grapes, grapefruits etc. is very beneficial for the body. But even eating them on an empty stomach does a lot of harm to the body. Because they contain different types of acids which produce different diseases including acidity in the body.

Banana is one of the balanced foods. Because it contains various nutrients needed by the body. Bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium and minerals. Eating bananas on an empty stomach increases potassium, magnesium and mineral levels in the blood. As a result, potassium and magnesium imbalance in the blood causes heart problems.

Cold drinks
Cold drinks are the favorite drink of many of us during summer. But don't start drinking cold drinks right after waking up. Because by drinking cold drinks on an empty stomach, the carbon dioxide present in it affects the mucous membrane of the stomach. Not only this, the rate of blood circulation in the body also decreases as a result. It causes various problems in the body including digestive problems.

Fermented Food
Fermented foods in our country are yogurt and pickles. Eating these foods on an empty stomach increases the amount of hydrochloric acid in the body. Moreover, the lactic acid present in yogurt kills bacteria. As a result, various physical problems including acidity occur in the body.

Sweet Food
Sweet foods like sweets, sandesh, rasmalai, jaggery, sugar - if eaten on an empty stomach, increase insulin levels in the body, thereby increasing the chances of diabetes.

Foods with yeast
Yeast-containing foods such as pastries or patties, cakes, bread, bread, biscuits, etc. are usually eaten during tea and breakfast. But remember that these foods cannot be eaten on an empty stomach. Eating them on an empty stomach causes a lot of gas in the stomach, which causes diseases like ulcers.

Spicy food
Many people like to eat spicy food. But eating spicy food on an empty stomach is absolutely not right. Acidic reaction causes heartburn. And regular consumption of spicy food leads to outbreak of various diseases in the stomach.

Consuming different types of drugs like ganja, cigarette, bidi, cocaine, yaba etc. is already fatally harmful to the body, consuming them on an empty stomach takes a more dangerous form. As a result, various physical and mental problems including cancer, heart disease, etc. occur.

So you can see that not all types of food can be eaten all the time. So you should eat a moderate amount following a few rules. Try to avoid bad habits. Care should be taken to maintain good health. Because living healthy is the main thing. Be well everyone.

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