Danger signs of a mother During Pregnancy

Introduction: Mothers naturally want to give birth to healthy babies. But due to various reasons this normal process can get complicated which causes danger to the mother and the unborn child. So mothers should be aware of these warning signs during pregnancy .
Let's know more about the 8 danger signs of the mother during pregnancy.

1) Excessive vomiting
Almost all mothers experience nausea during the first three months of pregnancy. But excessive vomiting is harmful for the mother, because it can cause many complications including dehydration, sodium-potassium imbalance in the body, kidney failure, jaundice, and convulsions.

2) Blood Discharge
Bleeding after pregnancy can happen for various reasons. In the first trimester of pregnancy, it usually indicates the symptoms of miscarriage. Bleeding can also occur in ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus ), which is a pregnancy emergency. Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy include severe abdominal pain with bleeding and loss of consciousness in the patient late in pregnancy when the placenta is low (placenta previa) or placental separation causes bleeding.

3) High Blood Pressure
Hypertension in pregnant women is a dangerous condition for both the mother and the unborn child. Low birth weight, preterm birth, and increased risk of cesarean delivery can lead to various complications. Protein/albumin in urine along with high blood pressure during pregnancy indicates pre-eclampsia. Its complications can lead to seizures or eclampsia, which is a major cause of maternal and infant mortality.

4) Severe Headache and blurred vision
In those who suffer from pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, such complications indicate pre-eclampsia. So, if these symptoms appear, you should go to the nearest hospital immediately.

5) Abdominal pain
Abdominal pain during pregnancy has many causes, but if the pain is severe, it is a danger signal for the mother. Pain in early pregnancy due to miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Premature labor pain is a major cause of abdominal pain in late pregnancy, which can lead to premature birth.

6) If the size of the stomach is larger or smaller than normal
Causes of larger-than-normal abdominal size include multiple pregnancies, poly-hydramnios (more than normal amniotic fluid). Similarly, oligohydramnios (amniotic fluid less than normal), if the baby does not grow properly in the womb (Intra uterine growth retardation), the size of the stomach will be smaller than normal.

7) If there is labor pain for a long time
If the labor pain lasts more than 18 hours, it is called prolonged labor. Labor is protracted or prolonged when the labor process is not normal. So, if the baby is not delivered within 12 hours, an experienced gynecologist should be consulted.

8) If the baby's movement seems less
A healthy normal baby in late pregnancy will move at least ten or more times a day. If the baby's movement seems to be less than this, it should be reported to the doctor.

Know about 8 danger signs of mother during pregnancy. Now if you see any such danger signs during pregnancy, do not worry and consult a doctor.