Condoms for safe intercourse

Introduction: Everyone wants a safe start to a beautiful relationship. Not only in the beginning, this safety is necessary for living a healthy life all the time. When you go to your loved one in love, do you ever think that the physical relationship is safe or not? How familiar are you with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)? Maybe you know, but many are not familiar with this term. AIDS is a dreaded name on the list of STDs. The HIV virus (which causes the disease) is easily spread through unprotected sex.

Why condoms are the best method

One of the best birth control methods to prevent STDs is the barrier method. In this method, when a man and a woman have sex, the man's sperm cannot reach the egg through the woman's vagina. As a result, it comes in many forms, such as spermicides (chemicals that inactivate sperm), diaphragms, small objects made of latex or silicone that are inserted into the vagina and cover the cervix and used with spermicides, sponges (soft Foam products that contain spermicide are worn in the vagina to prevent sperm from entering, cervical caps (a plastic cap type that fits tightly over the cervix, preventing sperm from entering) and condoms (made of latex or polyurethane). (The sheath that forms in the male genitalia, prevents sperm from reaching the egg during sexual intercourse). Among these methods, except for condoms, other STDs including HIV infection. The risk remains. Condoms are said to be the only barrier method capable of preventing STDs transmitted by chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV viruses contained in body fluids released during skin-to-skin contact.

Top Reasons:
  • This is a very simple and easy method.
  • It has no medicinal side effects.
  • Hormone-free and available.

From the beginning, this is the weapon to prevent STD! Since sperm-egg union cannot occur, sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS are not likely to occur.
This barrier method is able to prevent unwanted pregnancy with 99.7% certainty.
Many people may have allergic problems with other barrier methods. But condoms do not have this problem. Available in different sizes. There is lubrication which maintains the sensation.

I have heard many people say, "Why should I use a condom again while pregnant?" Well, tell me, if you are pregnant, does the body fluid transfer stop during sexual periods? - No! What does that mean? STD 100% chance of happening!! The risk of mother and child's life is also 100%! Therefore, it is definitely recommended to use condoms during sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

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